A Pet Portrait, What Does it Do?

A Pet Portrait, What Does it Do?

It makes people happy. That’s the whole premise. But it can also be a heirloom, a token, a memorial.

I started making Pet Portraits after a trip to Italy. It was the first trip in a long time that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m anxious, you see. Like many of us, but I was REALLY anxious. I was afraid of everything all the time.

That time in Italy we came across a beautiful dog park, it was huge and people were there, with their well behaved dogs. So many breeds, so many non-breeds. Everyone was enjoying the park in harmony.

I started doing some quick dog sketches right there. They were pure enjoyment, I was not pressuring myself to be original – the dogs with their quirky personalities were already original – I wasn’t raising the standards on myself to be perfect in terms of technique, proportion or even anatomy. They came easily.

Then someone asked me for a painting of their dog and I took my time, sketching, painting, detailing and when I delivered it, my client’s face of amazement and surprise was unlike anything I had experienced before. Nobody had ever shown such appreciation for my work in any of my jobs (corporate or otherwise). It was one of those moments where things seem to just click.

Since then I’ve made a few paintings for select clients to make sure I could deliver the best quality.

White puppy portrait

Delight your friends

I love to make my portraits simple but detailed with a lot of white space around the animal so the portrait is elegant and fits well in any home.

I also like to capture only the head and part of the torso, a classic portrait style so we can look at their adorable faces but I can certainly also do a full body portrait.

Commissions are open!

Take a look at the gallery and if you have a dog loving friend or family member, this Holiday Season you can certainly delight them with a portrait of their best friend.

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