A little more about me...

Animals have always been an essential part of my life. I’ve had many pets including dogs, parakeets, turtles a rabbit and a goat (who was destined to be eaten but I saved).

Sometimes I think I should have been a vet, a dog trainer or a dog groomer. These days I dream about working at an animal sanctuary.

I’m profoundly shy and my dog Boris helps me navigate the world with my social anxiety. I try to bring him everywhere I can, with him in tow I can deal with human interaction. Most of the time, he’s the one saying hello first and as I get used to the human petting and cajoling him only then am I able to interact and connect.

My art practice began in FlowArte, which is now a place for exploration, creativity and learning for self-taught artists.

In 2019 I started to paint animal portraits. Discovering the joy they bring to a dog parent I knew I finally found my calling.

In doing this work I also want to participate in the fight for animal welfare and animal justice. I spend a lot of time learning and reading about the different aspects of Veganism (although I am vegetarian), speciesism and about the different non-profits who work for the well-being of all animals.

I would love to keep in touch!

Do sign up for my Pencil Dog Zine, to get a digital printable zine where I share animal sketches that I don’t share anywhere else. You can send me a picture of your dog and he might be included in the next issue!

Luisa and Boris
Luisa & Boris