Photo Guidelines for Pet Portraits

Here is a helpful photo guideline for your pet’s painted custom portrait (they also apply to human mascots!).

  • Please send high resolution photos: clean, clear, not pixelated. Phone photos are OK but please make sure they are not blurry.
  • Take the photo of your pet straight on (as much as possible), use the “cookie trick” where you hold a cookie or toy above the camera to ensure your dog stares at it.
  • BUT avoid close-ups. A good distance allows some negative space around the head
  • DO NOT take a photo from above, this distorts the final painting or drawing
  • Use natural light as much as possible to capture your pet’s accurate colors. Don’t apply filters.
  • Faces covered by harsh shadows, clothing or toys will not be suitable.

You can always send several photos if you’re unsure. If this is a gift and you have limited photos of the pet, please contact me so I can review them before placing an order.

Good Photos

Boris the dog
Boris the dog
Boris the dog

Unsuitable Photos

Boris the dog

Too Dark

Boris the dog


Back lit

Please send photos to: