Unique Gifts for Pet Owners

Unique Gifts for Pet Owners

What makes you happy? Getting gifts for yourself or getting gifts for your pet? Since I have Boris, most of my “happy spending” has been buying toys, treats, and other goodies for him. And lately, product designers and independent makers are going far and beyond with sustainable, meaningful and original accessories and gifts.

To support fellow creators I have gathered a few of the most unique gifts.

Some are for the owners, some are for the pups, but everyone is happy, right?

Pet Paw Print Stamp.

A keepsake that is so special you can’t not have it. I can stamp my letters, my journals, my calendar and if I were a bit more eccentric, my dog’s journal. Preserve his little paw on a stamp.

Dog paw stamp
From Red Cloud Studio on Etsy

“Ask to Pet” dog leash.

When we are walking our dogs, it’s so important to communicate with other dog owners about the quirkiness of our own pup. We want them to socialize like people but dogs have various personalities and moods. These leashes are perfect to let others know what mood our dog is in and avoid awkward or dangerous situations.

Leash covers for shy dogs
From Malia Makes Creations

Pet Tee Pee

I must have one of these, although first I have to convince human no. 2. He resists these kinds of accessories but I know once he sees the dog enjoying it he will be on board. Beautifully made in Montreal.

Pet Tee Pee Montreal
Wild and Loyal

Personalized Dog Tag

Just a small detail but the details make the difference. Getting a tag at the pet shop is so generic. These are made in thick nickel silver or solid brass. So pretty and they are made in Alexandria, Ontario

PErsonalized dog tag

Custom Pet Portrait

And of course, my own Pet Portraits. A gift that brings genuine joy to the recipient. I will never forget the happiness on my first client’s face when she opened the package and saw it. This is what I live for!

Commissions deadline:

Montreal: Dec 13, 2019 for the Holidays.
U.S. and rest of Canada: Dec 6, 2019

If you have questions don’t hesitate to email me or send me a DM on Instagram.

Watercolor Pet Portrait by Luisa
Custom Pet Portraits in Watercolor of Graphite

Meaningful gifts make Holiday Shopping worthwhile. Support independent makers!

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